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Are You an Eligible Customer?

By law, Corcraft can only sell to government agencies (including other states) at the state and local levels, schools and universities, courts and police departments, and certain nonprofits (nonprofits who derive some or all of their revenues from NYS taxes).

If you have any questions about whether you can purchase from us, please email [email protected].

To Register as a New Corcraft Customer

If your organization isn't a current customer and you would like to register, please send an email to [email protected] and provide the following information:


  1. Full name
  2. Agency/Organization name
  3. Email address
  4. Ship-to address
  5. Ship-to city
  6. Ship-to state
  7. Ship-to zip code
  8. Phone number
  9. Copy of your W2
  10. Copy of your tax exempt status


Once you have submitted your information, a representative from our Order Services team will set up your account and reach out to you when it's ready.


To Register as a New User in Our Customer Portal

If your organization is already a Corcraft customer and you would like to become a registered user in our Customer Portal, please fill out our Customer Portal User Registration form.



Access Your Account

If you are a current Corcraft customer and you are a registered user of our Portal, log in to your account.