Becoming a Registered Vendor in NYS Vendor File

Becoming a Registered Vendor in NYS Vendor File

Becoming a Registered Vendor

This resource was created to assist companies in becoming a registered vendor in the New York State Vendor File administered by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). The Vendor File is a central registry for all vendors who do business with New York State agencies and the registration must be initiated by a State Agency. 

Companies that are not currently registered with the Vendor File should contact OSC's Helpdesk.

Once the registration is processed and approved, the new vendor will be given a unique 10-digit Vendor Identification Number for use on all future transactions with all New York State agencies. 

When you receive your NYS Vendor ID, you will also receive an enrollment email with login credentials and instructions to create your User ID in the Vendor Self-Service Portal in the New York Statewide Financial System (SFS). The SFS Vendor Portal enables vendors to manage all vendor information in one central location for all transactions, including payments. The portal can be accessed via the website  For additional support on the portal, please contact the SFS Help Desk.

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SFS Vendor Portal Page

The Vendor Portal home page is shown below.  Click on the “Sign in to the Vendor Portal.”




This will bring you to the sign-in screen.  Enter your User ID and Password, click the box agreeing to the “Vendor Online Services’ Terms of Service,” and click “Sign In.” 




Once signed in, you will be at your “Homepage.” There are several Tiles that are available and they are self-explanatory.  




Please note in order to receive payments in a timely manner, it is imperative to maintain your vendor information.  Any changes (i.e., address, banking information, etc.) should be updated immediately in the vendor profile.