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Corcraft manufactures products in 13 correctional facilities and operates two call centers for the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. 

State of NY with Locations of Corcraft Manufacturing Facilities












Albion CF

Albion Basket Punch
Metal shelving, wastebaskets, engraved products

Attica CF

Attica Line
Metal products: desks, filing cabinets, shelving, lockers

Auburn CF

Auburn Plates
License plates, furniture

Bedford Hills CF

Bedford Call Center
DMV call center

Clinton CF

Clinton Pocket Setter
Apparel, textiles

Coxsackie CF

Coxsackie sock machine

Eastern CF

Eastern Mattress Stapling
Traffic/highway signage, mattresses, pillows, dustpans, textiles, apparel

Elmira CF

Elmira Foundry
Printing, foundry products

Fishkill CF

Specialty steel fabrication

Great Meadow CF

Great Meadow Bottle Line
Janitorial, personal care and vehicle maintenance supplies

Greene CF

Greene Call Center
DMV call center

Green Haven CF

GH Edge Banding
Panel systems, seating, furniture, textiles


Otisville palletmaking
Pallets, wood barriers


Shawangunk textiles


Wallkill storeroom